An A’Lone-r

I can see that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant, a catastrophic decision can change one’s life in many ways and also the other one who caught up with the memories… It is you what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are, Never try giving out, instead fight for the things you gonna choose for which your blood is flowing and heart is pumping.

With the citation of #UchihaStone, One who actually seek peace end up having no peace for himself, But eventually he leave the traces with good outcome, all because his intentions are so true that he’ll actually end up making it.

I never ever feel that the love is not the actual love that is being dealt by someone you know, or it doesn’t have to come from an unknown person like whom you take on at parties.

So never say that you’ve loved someone or something so much, actually the fact is that whatever you love will go away over the breeze. Hardly wish the smoke that you’re inhaling so heavily, but leaving very lightly…  I know it may be a bad example that I can grab for now, but it all says that even if you love smoking or simply in the habit you’re doing is a bit non-story here…, But let me get to the stage, like the one, the cigar you just lit up is almost there in your belly and gets out as a huge volcano spitting lava. But you trust me here, that the cigar you took has a physical structure like the one you love and also the cigar you smoke goes right away to your belly through all the middle way organs and ultimately grants you respite from the psyche that is processing some random sh*t so long. Ha ha ha, here is a catch that it leaves all cancer making things the tar and carcinogenic agents there in your lungs :|.., But I love the way it gives me high relaxation that not even my loved one pass on me. Oops! That’s such a drag…

And then draw me something which will never wither and go vain like a thin air, which falls away from the hot area that contains huge water-full cloud whichever ready to pour the tears from the far lands. So never breakdown of one’s stupidity and I recognize that it might hurt you in all sorts. But forget that pile of sh*t there just go on. All the long, what makes you cry is just a mirage that you’re cranking your head to induce it, You know that you’ll never and ever get it. It’s over and you likewise know that you end up holding nothing in your heart, but heavy breath that brings all your sorrow over a glance of fresh air pumping’. As I heard one great line drive from the old lady in my life.., That if you lose someone, don’t worry somebody will arrive shortly and they are going to change all the previous things you’ve made. You survive and love in a dissimilar way from the past, the present and the hereafter. Then a young wise man said that whatever comes, just don’t let them build the things, you might know that they don’t stay for long. Simply believe me bud, this is totally the same mirage that one damn high ‘Fate’ playing games.

But we’re close to creatures who come down for the healers, I question why the new comers always pay more attention towards the matters that really changes one’s life and the most of it is pretty clean to feel and to make a pierce the letters in heart. What’s coming is always a secret, neither newbie nor the ace in your past can’t change the fate. Or else you can flee with your wings and feel the heat of your own self by leaving no traces of your existence ‘because none deserve to know your value, your fame, your love, cares what not but, wholly…

Once more, a wise young man stated that if you love more you lose more.., The more you lose, the more you benefit, water always flows from the uphill to the down lanes. But it doesn’t imply that the uphills are out of the waters, No! On that point is some agent in between, here the clouds will bring the water with the help of sun that burn them to vapor and air helps them to proceed to the uphills and pour them there. Hence catch the magic, that’s nature, never draw down from the hill for the things to catch up, right things will hit you no matter what. So always trust, the trust, but never try blaming the fate for not managing things at your convenience, It has some other menu to serve you the things.

As an end note me as mare kid want to aver that, Never love things, Keep them for a lifetime if you can or leave them at the outset. In this way you hurt will always at low levels compared to the end games. Again the same boring wise young man said, Newbies don’t know your life, they never recognize your beliefs, no interest towards your thought process, not a clue about your stupidity. But trust me, You gonna let them learn all your life?  Bud you’re not running a school!! Live your own spirit and have them grab some fire with your light…

Love, Peace and Tranquility…✌️