A mere destiny

The day goes with blues all the way…, not because of you, not because of your thoughts that provoke me, just not because of the things that are really mean to me in all the ways may be by you, for you or by any means…, It is simply not you, I am telling you again., It is never you and not at all by your thoughts. But let me say this, with the course of love I’ve given you is the amount of interest that I can manage to give for life made,  “there is no You and Me, there’s only We”. Let me conclude this again.., I am dying with the thoughts of you that are poking me all the day with countless touches, boundless emotions  and limitless understandings.

I cannot simply be around here.., just to understand the reality that you never reach me as you already vanished from my thoughts by submerging yourself into my blood and I can feel you in each cell of blood that flows through my entire stratum and also each corner of this world 😛 ,  no offense here 😀 ! Let me clarify this, I never cherish to have a body with me till my last breath rather I die for having a soul that last longer the day I leave this land of wind and water as we always think of reaching… I can still recall the actual days we stayed near that beach side and throwing pebbles into the nearby pond by watching over little swans passing by and the rest, they are so cute. You read. I am just laying myself in the pool to let down the heat you gave me with a fire-catchy look and that eyebrows are asking me to reach you but not the eyes, they are literally swearing me!! but the pitiful lips just dodging each bit of bite you try doing with anger all because they know I love them most and those ears are so keen to listen to my words when I please you for letting out your anger. Trust me I do it best. Finally you’re everything in the lands of day and nights to feed me with food and the rest, also the same me for you!!.

It’s been an hour still I cannot keep myself so close to you as you are angry and happy at the same time, All I’ve done is helping one of my old friends with the things that matters to them over the matter of life changing events. I know you very well that to an extent of which makes you feel jealous of others if they get close to me even a bit and there is no other way you or I can help you to get rid of that feeling. Instead surrendering myself as the whole and show my fullest, love and attention is the only medicine, I’ve found this little magic to make you mine. But on the other side of you, still likes me to the outmost for the doings, because you believe in me and I trust that, so nevertheless the game of trust and truth plays well, we still hold our hands so tight. Keeping this aside, now I have offered a red-rose to you by coming out of water and you sat there with a meh face! 😛  I love that.. You didn’t pick it, still the same face, I have come close to you, you threw me away, I ran towards you and you started running, I catch hold of you and now you’re completely in my hands and there is no easy escape. I lifted you so high and passed a kiss your lip and said ‘Love you’, still the same meh face you posing 😐 . I went near the pool and you shouted at me ‘Dude! You die in my hands, If I drowned into the pool’. Aye! ‘That’s my pleasure my queen’ I read. Now see you’re in the pool and I too jumped and now your face is almost like a reddened tomato, I can imagine and correlate to Kushina face when she is pretty angry. I came near you and you’re like ‘Dude, you’re over today’ and ran towards me and passed a kiss on me and YES!! I died and back to life all by seeing those eyes with love when the lips rapping the cutest bad words, but they still do another job by kissing me for every passing second. How can you do that?  All feelings from the same heart, The day I read like, I’ve mind and you’ve a heart. Let’s rock the world as I blindly trust your heart and you do that with my mind, Here trust me feelings are mutual. The only thing we fight is that who’s going to love more.., who’s going to fall and who’s going to pick. You are sure that I never let you down in any context, the same for you too!

The promise means everything to me, As I was waiting to meet my first crew mate to catch some fire, felt butterflies in my belly and You just reached me and hugged me so tight, I expected a promising thing from you but all you did is beating me with anger 😛 !! Not every woman get a chance of that, You’ve got one and I give respect. It all started from that day ❤ !!  I am always going to be there for you, even if it is only as an obstacle for you to overcome, you and I have to live together, even if it means hating each other, that is what the greatest caretakers are living for…

Just hate me, hate me and hate me in a way that your hatred bears to protect love treasured for me… ❤

But the question here is ‘It’s human nature that people won’t realize the true value of something unless they lose it’ #Orochimaru. Will the fate play the game on it’s own board with the dice only pass no support to me. Unless I mean it, Will the fate and destiny comes to the place where it started all by throwing me to the deep down sadness and believe me lad, I’m gonna rock the gym and the rest to raise above feelings and that damn trust! I never gonna fall for any other… ‘Once a wise young man said, I know my destiny and no interest of knowing fate because I cannot control my karma which was already written. But I will beat my destiny because I’ve planned it’ #UchihaSiyan.

Love, Peace and Tranquility…✌