An Epic Love

My hand watch ticks fast and I can feel that the last seconds of my life and still recall your love poured on me for the past years and suddenly eyes got wet and red, screams, shouts, what not but, am doing all. Still you left away before your love leave me here. You know that I cannot live without the O2 formula I’ve narrated you, all you did is dumping me in the dark and left me to the mother nature to get wild and learn things on own. I am screaming now and everyone around me thinking me of a Joker.

The words you wrote, I trust you more than myself, I love you more than myself, I know I may not express the whole thing or you may not understand, The actual truth is I die for you, not just with words and “If I say, Loving you”. It’s a simple tense, I don’t want to end it this way. Now my head turning to the corners and poking me that why am I here, this far. All alone, but left with your thoughts and things you gave me!. Look Siyan, I’ve thrown away all my goals and things, see even my family for you!!. Just for you, you are my little secret, my kid who speaks every little thing like school time bullies at the same time as matured as a Man… Sometimes I wonder that how myself chosen you as a partner for the stupid things you do, but trust me, most of the times I die If I didn’t chant your name or didn’t see the face of you. Even I can live without speaking to anyone but, without you is hell. Trust me.

And the lines I wrote for you!, Just imagine that you’re on the bed and suddenly woke up and found me next to you, all you do is cuddling with me early in the morning to see me smile with the happy face, laughs and shouts. Just you and me on the same bed for days, trust me, I don’t need food, water and sleep. But you to whole new level. Feed me with the love by giving kisses and there never be doing math, science. Just our baby making… ๐Ÿ˜› . I never have interest in materialistic things, never felt to have rich gifts on my pockets, not a glance on hips or highs of your body. All I need is a soul touching love, heart touching stories fromย you to make me feel home, just like every little second that passes.. Just you and me on the bed and you are resting on my chest, I smell your hair, give me this life, I’ll treasure you like my own child….๐Ÿฆ–+๐Ÿ„=โค

The first touch of yours is almost like a breathtaking love. Life is all about understanding I read, you struggled to get along, I’ve helped you in each stage and sometimes I went down and I am pretty much sure that you stay very close to me in each drag and shoulders are close to me to rest on, but now see the changes in me. Hitting on the gym and the pains are so strong this time to let you off from my thoughts and you read am a beast with a kind heart and scattered soul, with all the broken pieces are with you and everything is on air now! Still failing.

I can recall the day, I am there at the beach with a scotch in one hand and the other playing immature notes on the guitar, still my love on a beach never ended. The trust of this world vanished to the thin air and now I left with tears all around and barely can see Ram running this side with heavy breath and drenched in sweat even eyes were barely filled with tears all the way to cheeks. He hugged me tight and slapped me till I say sorry for leaving him there alone and came all the way here by walking. He said read all the stories you wrote to me and the best one of all, is the captain and crew mate thing ๐Ÿ˜ž

Here’s how it goes.., There is a mere young guy came to the shore and the looks are so real and stubborn, he met the girl near there and the conversation went on.

King: Hey, Myself Siyan, I am looking for a sailor who’s going to join me this journey.

Queen: What? Journey you said! Still you hold a thing?

King: Yes, I will turn the world upside down!! And we are pretty much destined to meet each other.

Queen: Destiny, you believe that? Still hanging to the old stories, there is no point of speaking destiny and fate.

King: I know my destiny, don’t care about the fate that is going to burn down the whole thing, I don’t pass a damn. Join me to turn the world upside down…

Queen: I can see the real potential in you! Let’s start sailing now.. East, West, North and South take along, I am going to follow you no matter what happens. I’m never going to betray the Nakama!

That’s how we started the journey, here the magic is all about the drawings you tried for me. The Beast and Rose is my favorite of all times. In which the beast is you and me as rose!! That sounds funny, but the line goes smooth with your innocence. When you tried to show your love for me and you know, I am in a whole different trance and you cannot simply win that way ๐Ÿ˜ž , still the care too, no win for you. I feel so laugh about each thing you do for me, but all goes here the trust you keep, there you win the whole thing and I lose myself for you. You say I am a cry baby with stone heart and rocky muscles still cry over little things, you leave me in the home alone and you eat food without giving me and when you said “I am ready to give all of myself, just your eyes says all”. You try like a beast to impress me as other girls show interest on me and you know well to act on the pact here ๐Ÿ˜ˆ. You hold my hand and say I am yours like a lioness protecting her king, even though bounding to the restless love fights we do each clock tick.

I sing “Bink’s sake”, scotch is almost over from the whole bottle, Sorry! Still Ram is beating me all the way up and now I am bleeding and he’s just crying, I am right and own the simple bet we cast, Love ends with tears and lust starts with laughs. I feel cherished that our love never ends up having middle conversations that we speak lust, am pretty much sure about this, our minds full of love and lust cannot be a key point for us, even when we made love that night, that is all says our passion for each other, kiss on your forehead and your tight hug, I am missing you from the whole time…๐Ÿ˜ญ

Queen: Do you Love me?

King: Yes, I do. A lot.

He held the other bottle of Laphroaig and now we are together with my lovely beach and the tides are so high. You bet on me that I don’t die for reasons But, that bloody scene almost keeping me in the time loop, in which you lay on the road and the blood flow…๐Ÿ–ค

Love, Peace and Tranquilityโ€ฆโœŒ