A game of Trust and Truth

I can hear the bells all day, they are so disturbing and so much distracting. Only I cannot witness them in real, they are in my head and playing all along, this mirage is so real but no fading.

May be a church or a wedding in which they’re coming from? I think no is my resolution, but I can clearly sense them with every piece of my neurons, because they are going through my veins.

Like a C3H10+CHNO3 component blast with alkali or rare earth metals or any other sh*t i don’t mind. A wonder is that the result is almost unstable that the chemical bonding fails with no proper balances. Nothing I can do and nothing anyone can do.

But simply keeping ourselves in a home with no strings attached and all One can do is staring at his own eyes and the creepy face, he has, here is a joke for himself, As he feels his face is worse than a thousand dragonflies, but people treat him like a prince, dunno why? That’s such a drag. Leave, I’ve no interest in speaking about that. Simply throwing out some random speech doesn’t make any sense rather I can distinguish you a complex and geeky and cheeky concept I’ve sorted out :P.

Trust and Truth are two distinct objectives, which never correlate each other, but has a strong relation to the core without touching one another, but these bloody b*tches gets c*cky when they don’t like.

Let me bring down the levels here, consider that you’re feeling air which makes you feel tickles… So, trust is more of one’s internal feeling, truth is more of external that makes you to witness it, understand?

So, one random thug asked me how the hell you can say that? So I replied. I can sense the air as I’ve trust on you, because I am the one to feel it, not anyone else. And then I can examine the trees are running side by side and giggling themselves all because of air round us.

Then he contradicted me that the trees are not going because of gentle wind, maybe something else causes them to do so, and that is my perception. He stated.

Yeah, right away, I cannot run and demand the “Truth” that Trees here, is that Air making you to move and bla bla… Or else I will depart to my trust and get clear on this. Cos, I do not know what truth is, all I can draw is that it adds a witnessing consideration to my trust, right? Hence, I must listen to the Trust beforehand and then I must prepare a decision to see the Truth. That’s how the stream works… As I strongly trust that my trust in you gives me more room to interpret the spirit rather than listening or witnessing the truth. So always believe in Trust and let the same gives you exactness to understand the truth and realizes your life easier, On the other hand, your most valuable trust is not affording you or your stories of understanding then do not trust it, but never fall for the truth. Because again, it all started within you for the trust you kept on individual right… So never run out of trust and make the piles to fall on understand-ment.

Chill enough of giving you witnesses, A live scene comes to play here, my friend told me she went to a mall and shopped for almost 10 grand and had a good time, she read. I got it from her and no more other detail. The next day I got a call from her father and he said that he lost money from his yesterday’s pocket… Oops!! it’s so fishy? I mustn’t make any decisions right away, but I did call her over cellular as asking my trust to understand the truth, so she read that she got money from her savings but not from picking money from her father’s pocket. And I know the she never lie to me.

I didn’t make my own decision or never tried trusting the truth because they are not the ones gave me their intentions from the beginning, but my friend is the one who told me so, no other point to strike but to just trust more until you witness all by yourself and I know the contradictions here, the more you trust the more you dig your grave, what we left with just the people around us that we give our life more… So, no other, but remember one thing, in the end counts are for how much trustworthy you are? Never fake things for reasons. Once trust has broken, whatever happens becomes truth and the blindness will never fade on you and you’re doomed. So always believe in trust and if your trust is not so well everything looks fishy and foul, so let’s make world a better place with mutual understanding.

You can’t get back what you’ve lost, what’s important now is “What is it that you still have”, be yourself and make the things that matters for you and hurt no one in the process… thanks for this #OdaSensie

Love, Peace and Tranquility…✌