A Failure

I am here to tell you a story of someone who has a great personality and a strategical mind to prove himself. This is a story about a Failure

Before this.., I have made sure I loved just fine, although it is already past tense, you see a smile still hanging on my face, I just covered my sadness with a smile! Today I want to tell you, I have deeply felt that you loved me, But it is not the case I felt, let me tell you the true meaning of love.. Love should be standing on the foundation of understanding! And must be considerate to each other mutual encouragement and sincere emotion! Absolutely, we can not just love away! Instead, read each other’s mind after not to hurt innocent people, love is not selfish! Love should be proud! The reason why some people say that love is painful, because they have no approval from the other side, in that case- yes it is true after all. People oftenly change their opinions about someone by just an instant of time and they may or may not have specific reasons for that change and why they made it, but they want to change. What I mean to say is especially boys are enthusiastic a bit when speaking to a girl.., They take that feeling as a matter of love after all., And starts giving their lives to the girl they love. Here the reason is boy always has a feeling called LOVE that is starting very next second to speak to a girl he liked most. The strong desire or feeling of love makes him crazy about that girl all the time, but girl shouldn’t have the same feeling about the boy she speaks to., Here the problem comes and that problem will create a disturbance in his life that may tend to any change, may be good or bad. I have a thesis like ‘It has a meaning when you suppose to search for a thing which is existed, but it bears no significance when you look for the same thing which has no existence. So don’t look for answers within an empty heart, which is full of different strategies and out of your business. One of my Senpie Mr. Nagato told me that ‘A  Man who learns to love someone he must endure the risk of hatred’. I know so many men are suffering in so many ways in their lives and that we all have our own personal struggles no matter who we are and what type of life we live. I also know that we love to connect and know that we are not alone on this journey and it is comforting to know that someone else feels the same way.



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