A Struggling Moron

He failed in first grade, second grade and even third grade too. Hey, I am not speaking about his academics, he is a first class scholar, but he is waste of doing love. Hmm, I have an idea that he loved someone in my first grade, he made many efforts to impress her and then he eagerly expressed his love towards her, but she didn’t accept his proposal then he returned with crying heart. After days passing that girl came to him and said I love you, he had just woken up from that scene and started feeling like he is in heaven. One fine day she got engaged to someone and then he kept silent for couple of months. We stepped into Second grade and then we had lots of friends and freedom with full of joy, we did crazy things, gang bunks, sharings and loads of stupid things. In that state of freedom he eventually started feeling same while talking to a girl in my second grade and this time he is really annoyed by that girl and she left away unsurprisingly then he depressed more than before. Lastly, we finished exams and we stepped into Third grade.
In third grade, he became dynamic and responsible to his classmates when we joined as freshers. After then he learned some new ways to propose a girl, even though he failed again and again still he hasn’t quit loving…
But this time he perfectly has a strategy about loving her, he loved her fine and even she has the same feeling towards him. After years passing they gone far in their feelings and one fine day they broke up so he got depressed and gone almost mad. I wonder is his heart is made of stone or any kind of hardened material to feel this much of struggles… I am not blaming love or lovers, but I have a feeling like “Never play with feelings of others because you may win the game, but the risk is you will surely lose the person for life time”… Anyways he is my FRIEND  Y.K.N.M


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