Concept of Living

Hi, I am glad to see you again. Yeah According to me Knowledge and Awareness is vague and perhaps better called illusions. Everyone lives within their own subjective interpretation. Every person receives their own circle of ideas to prove that he is not one in all but he is unrivaled among all.

My intension is like I have seen some of my colleagues who felt that they are superior to others in all the prospects whether it may be ruling or judging someone or it may be on casual speaking and they almost feel like they are just born to dominate them.., It holds no significance because it is only a feeling of them that is so called superiority complex.., As a matter of fact, having a huge bungalow, a luxurious car and along with ten digits of salary has not referred you as Being Human. Even though you earned Ten rupees and you spent five for your needs and three for savings and two for helping somebody who seeks help from you, this is the way a Being Human behaves.

In reality, when we talk about how our lives start is just a coincidence of powers that which brought us to this world without seeking our permission. Only rather I have a new definition how to bear ourselves in this poor world which doesn’t acknowledge your existence and even your style of holding out. Blindly Following someone’s actions is not borne on your existence, simply it is signified when you feel that you are the one who can change the pattern of this world with entirely modern and creative ideas is refers your existence.
So always be creative and act like a Man, don’t allow this world to destroy your life instead have the courage to stand before this world to prove yourself. And eventually be like a Being Human.


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