Love is just a four Letter Word

I Loved you more than you deserve, you hurt me more than I deserve, and how can you be so cruel ah? Love is not mentioning that having a beautiful face or attractive body, simply sustaining a heart with full of love and affection refers a true form of lovemaking. When you start loving someone you develop hopes.The concept of hope is nothing more than giving up and it is a word that holds no true meaning. Hopes kill our destiny and moreover it is just vague and perhaps it bears no significance in our lives.

May be in my case after years and years of waiting I have found true love, and you know something it is faded even before it gets to blossom. Because of faith, some unexpected reasons and obeying unreliable beliefs of the one whom I have loved.Only later on I found that love is not a matter of will or having a strong feel towards somebody that will get two people together, I have found that love is simply a lie and typically signifies that it is full of emptiness.

‘As a subject of fact granting the wishes of Lover turns as a sin, because of when you love and care you’ll show loads of attention towards them and usually they started to show their irresponsible attitude towards you without acknowledging your love and care’. My friend Albert Thomas told me that, don’t show too much attention towards anybody, and don’t tolerate the one who shows their immaturity and fly-by-night attitude when you deeply love and care.



One thought on “Love is just a four Letter Word

  1. i think you are a great lover siyanshiva, why your love faded?. If you don’t mind then i will tell you one thing” if i get any chance to love you then i fell that it is a very best thing ever i will get”.

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