A Failing concept so called Love

       As a matter of fact Love hurts a lot than you expect, until today I have no specific idea about whether love is a failed concept or it is giving out so that failing concept named as love. Love signifies that it is just nothing more than useless hopes, full of lies and emptiness. With all these I declare myself “A failing concept is named as Love”, but this is merely a feeling of me so don’t take it as personal. If you ask me why i came to this point, for that I will tell you as like ‘ love is not at all a feeling carried within yourself that makes you feel comfortable or anything else you may experience, merely it is a thing that never and ever wins over will’s and wishes of your loved one..

         You know love drives our hearts to long distances where there is no ends and it determines a way that our mind always seeks closeness with the heart you love. Love encourages your feelings, emotions and even your inner talents which you yet don’t realize that you possess all those talents within you. But the moment when you find your soul-mate, then automatically you will get supernatural powers and then probably you will start believing that you should do anything for your sweetie. When coming to me, I penned a verse about my loved one after I first discovered her, but I didn’t test this sort of things ever in front. I’ll show you now

          When I look into your eyes

          I think I’ve truly lost my mind

          I feel like it’s become mine

          I know your decency

          I saw your silliness

          I like your innocence

          I lost a piece of my heart when you smiled at me

          I think it was love at the first sight…,

           My heart is flying around you like a bird. If you like to get hold of it and so take care of it. If you are not interested then let it fly usually.

 Finally, Even though you may be a great lover and even you have anything to bring your love to live it won’t give you pleasure and even peace.


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