I’m the Leader of AKATSUKI

       Hello, nice to see you all, today I will introduce you my organization AKATSUKI. The meaning of this word AKATSUKI is ‘Dawn or Daybreak’ this is originated for giving the best and the perfect meaning for Distinctiveness and as well as self-motivation.

       Let me distinguish you about my organization, Yahiko is the mainstay of this organization who innovatively started this for turning good people who were deceived in achieving what they seeks. In this organization only rogue ninja’s taking part to fulfill their ideas and pitch them to proficient purpose. They don’t have any feelings or bonds and they only throw a typical idea on what they are planning to do, especially it is about executing things in their own style. Later on I joined in AKATSUKI because I failed in achieving a thing which is merely don’t have any meaning as I discussed in earlier scripts..
       Within a little span of time I became the Leader of this organization and I have a good team who was literally experiencing the same, they are Mano Uzumaki, Monkey D Bachi, and finally Sai Yamanaka. Adding up to those who inspires me to join this gang is Madara Uchiha, he is my ancestor and he inspires me in a way that how we could stick out against all the odds to bring what we exactly seeks. He delivers a different life style and mannerisms to show this world that he is the one to change the figure of this poor world which doesn’t admit a true self who is looking for doing good. I am the descendent of Madara to find a better way to accomplish all his goals because I’m SiyanShiva Uchiha…


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