“ Such silly life… you know… ッ ”

This story is all about three peers who were addicted to a mania called #ANIME, it’s not like drugs and all offensive things but it is much powerful than those drugs addicts, it changed their life style from scrap, I will tell you how they got changed…
A girl who behaves like a child even she is doing college studies and when we talk about another one he is tremendously good in sketching and philosophy but mysteriously he is failing in one thing, I will tell u about that failing thing after a while. Finally the last but not least, he behaves like a ‘being human’. If u don’t know about what ‘being human’ is then don’t worry I will narrate that in this later story and he is good philosopher as well as a guy with some specified ideas to achieve what he seeks.

                ’Megh alias Sakura Chan’ she is the one I penned above… she is always thinking about spiritual things rather than her studies and mysteriously she has a power to speak with GODS in her dreams and she always feels like GODDESS in the human world. Don’t think wrong about her, she became like this due to her friends always rejecting her and they won’t allowing her to join in any of their groups. Meanwhile she started watching Anime shows particularly #Naruto. By these shows she got some inspiration and self-motivation on herself and started loving Naruto and Sasuke. LoL she treats everyone in that anime like as if they are her own family. One heck of an Addict I’d say.

                ’Mano alias Naruto Kun’ he is the one who has tremendous spirit in terms of behaving and managing things, great art designer too. He has a very good nature- that is if he wants to achieve something then no matter what, he doesn’t care about them and stand in frontline to grab the things in his own way. All this nonsensical behavior is because he just mirrored himself as #Naruto, so he behaves like that.., by the way #Naruto makes his life in such a way that he became himself as a philosopher and life-maker. After all, he is a Facebook addict as well as anime’s too, without them he can’t even breathe. This addiction makes him so lazy that he sleeps at 3 in the early morning and waking up by 9 AM itself.. This is the thing in which he sucks. Coming to the last guy…

                ’Siyan alias Sasuke Kun’ he is the one who constantly thinks about how to achieve his goals because he thinks about himself as a descendent of #MadaraUchiha, Yeah, I mentioned that he is a Being Human- A person who always loves people and ready to help them at all costs in whatever situation it is referred as being human. Anyways, he is a good guy and bad guy too :P., Don’t get confused, “he is bad in doing good” ah!!! I mean, usually he don’t get hold of things personally, if he accepts anything as such, personal then he will lay his lifetime on the path to seize it or to change it. That is how he works. Concisely he is exceptional in his own way. Everyone trusts him because of his speech and nature probably likes him too. Well, he is immersed in a lot of things, which he hasn’t found himself.
(Mano: he (Siyan) wrote less about himself, such modesty, and this guy is a perfect genius if u ask me).

“All the above three… fortunately or unfortunately driven by fate convened under a single roof named ‘#ANIME’, Courtesy FACEBOOK. ‘Till now getting along nicely with silly jokes, grinning texts and well-being messages… let’s see how far this goes and how long it prevails.”


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