This Journey is about Fun…

Cause you think life will give you a big slew of surprises everytime? No, not at all, even if you are facing thousands and thousands of problems, you have to forge a grin and go along. Because nothing will give you even after you cried for day in and day out.

I can experience beauty in life. Each day, I feel, is a gift to be truly cherished. If you do not laugh for a day, if you have not been a reason for the happiness of someone’s day, if you have not appreciated something good that has happened to you and if you have not felt thankful to be alive, then you have wasted that of your life on solid ground. Oh, I wish I could do this out from the rooftops! How I wish I can stake everybody on the road and tell them this. But I don’t want to be labelled ‘crazy’. Even if so I don’t care because all this is for my happiness and I’m not doing for someone’s sake.

Nobody would have been understood the profundity of my joy and the extent of my happiness until they had themselves lived through what I precisely experienced. I was like a hungry traveller in a desert who had finally gone close to the mirages and managed to get to the haven.

I met remarkable people over the last few months and I have made some amazing friends. I have learnt so much, such a lot really. I have realized that love and faith can indeed work miracles. I have realized that love and friendship do have the power. The world indeed is a better place when there is love, friendship, acceptance and hope. Powered by these, you can indeed overcome anything, including Destiney.

One of my friends told me that ‘Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with a tear. When you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die, you’re the one who smiling and everyone around is crying’.


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