Acaulescent Desires

I woke up this morning by my phone ringing!! It is an unknown number, I reread it upward and said HELLO with sleepy voice and the voice on the phone replied me like “Sir, I am calling from AKATSUKI company.I was blown out of the water and my sleepy mood was gone and suddenly I woke up from the bed and started answering her, Our conversation was done then I wander up the claim and said ‘Thanks for calling me’. You recognize what occurred during the call? ‘She told me that I was hired into their company. Hurray! My day began with a sweet voice of a young woman whom I addressed before. I wanted to share this info with my allies, so I posted on Facebook about my incident, and within a few minutes I got a huge response from my friends with scores of comments and likes, then later within an hour I received another phone call from a number alike before and then I attended, again a girl’s voice said Hi, How are you?!! Once again, I was taken aback and said who are you? Then the voice in the phone replied

Don’t you remember me??”And so I got to recognize that she is my girlfriend. I said Hi as a reply and much shockingly, I heard I LOVE YOU as the response.
Oh my god!! Unimaginable surprises in a single day!! I was almost passed away by hearing that word from the voice for which I cherished to hear from so many years. Later I said ‘I Love you too’. After a casual conversation that occurred between us and then time to twist up the canvas, suddenly she said “Sorry for what I have caused in the past, please forgive me for all I have done”.  I said it’s okay, fine, don’t mention it and answered. Whole day I enjoyed with my friends and felt so happy and I don’t remember how my day was over.
The next day is so sunny and I started going to my college on my bike with the speed in 80’s, suddenly I got a call and when I pick it up I heard a sweet voice of that lady, with much excitement I said Hi in a gentle way and she replied Hello I’m calling from AKATSUKI in abject tone and she started apologizing to me! I don’t know what on earth was happening. My conversation with her was ended up after a couple of minutes, I didn’t listen to her till the end, but in the end I understood that she made a wrong call :’(. Later I understood, don’t be rushed in posting your feelings on Facebook because if that is not a valid one then you have to endure the pain. Now, I can’t even display my face in front of my friends. With all these my mind wandered in between drastically changed countless emotions.

Suddenly I discovered a voice and it is not as such polite as the earlier one, which to it represented like “WOKE UP RE..!! YOUR COLLEGE TIME” my mom reads! I felt like I was thrown from the ionosphere onto my bed and suddenly everything was faded away, I almost came to recognize that I was ‘DREAMNG’, I understood that Luck will knock our door only in dreams but not in real life. I wish to tell you a thing.

Actually, what does life mean to you!? I will describe some metaphors that have been employed to report it, “Life is like a Bagel. It’s delightful when it’s smart and tender. But often times it’s simply hard. The whole is it is a great mystery. And however it wouldn’t bagel without it.”  It’s not all about skill, Sometimes you will need a little luck. It will be a good way to test your powers of observation.”The only sure thing that will change someone’s destiny.


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