An Uchiha Hope

Life is like playing a game all alone without having anyone to support or to oppose, if you think like this one day it feels like “ I can do anything by my own” even if you get hurt, depressed ‘coz no one is there to stand you up when you get tired and fell down. As a subject of fact, people always leave you out in the cold and go insane when you find out how to get warm yourself. So always be optimistic and go along as what your inner self letting you to travel, don’t think of someone who were not thinking of you.

When you take hold a thought of living all alone or to fight alone that guides you to the point where you can feel a new cosmos, there no one else reads your mind, to feel your feelings and still they can’t find your existence. This is the very beginning phase of “Revolution”, a true self of someone is not to trammel, or to hold for some unreliable beliefs. Likewise, one should have a certain set of ideas to find answers to his own beliefs and self-motivations, one should have courage to move on, if you became a ‘Rebel’ then it should represent self-confidence to the world. But I hope this Reblism or Revolutionary ideas are seeded in one’s mind by owning a deep slump, strong will to finish what your psyche is acting for.

Agreeing to my senpie Mr. Pein, in order to grow one should feel pain, to think about pain, to accept pain, to experience pain” Pain is the only thing makes you blend for yourself to live by your hardness with the successful outcome. If you escape pain today, tomorrow it will leave a permanent break in your life. If you carry the load of pain today, then there is surely bode of gain for tomorrow. I paid my way through hard times no one can think of, but in the end I found what I am holding out for. Every effort may not get paid back like a snap, but it sure will bear fruits in the hereafter. I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person, however you should have your own way of finding solutions to your questions and you are the master of your Destiney. In the Uchiha monument my ancestors mentioned about the life are “You should work hard to bring peace, it doesn’t matter what kind of working style you are holding, in the end all we need is ‘Peace’”.  Work hard to catch whatever you want to, leave haters and follow your inner self. When you have courage to show your ‘Middle Finger’ to the world which never cares your existence. That is the day you experience yourself as a ‘Rebel’, so wait for your day to Scream ‘ Listen world, I came this stage by all alone then you have nothing to do with me’.

Keep calm and follow Uchiha, Uchiha clan bears to change the pattern of this world. I am Uchiha SiyanShiva, the Leader of AKATSUKI. Love, peace and tranquility.


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