A Little thing called Love

Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it, ‘coz Love is not something you may find. Love is something that finds you.

Yes, I’m the one who knows the perfect meaning of love and care. I can say ‘am the only one, around these bunches of stupefies who don’t understand what is lovemaking and how it works, but they act like they were born to rule the universe with their stupid and irresponsible philosophies, stupid jerks.

I’ve found a true and valuable definition of love in a pitch manner, i.e. generally everyone says that love is just a feeling comes out of nothing and it makes troubles everywhere.., bla bla bla, it’s all crap. Actually love is a sense and it is graspable by an honest heart which seeks Love and care in every niche. Heart is a daily labor, who works for day in and day out without having anyone to share its own feelings. But, ‘When you   found a guy/girl in the first to start loving, that moment your heart whispers… Yosh!! This is the one you’ve waited for lifetime to hold your hands in every situation’. Moreover, your heart is not on stage to understand what is happening around, it is busy in understanding the feelings of the heart which seeks closeness. Wow, such great creation of god! Usually this sensing starts the very next moment of your sweetie enters into it and from that point of time it always welcomes every minute thing from the loved one. It starts reacting to the things whichever were destined to complete/ accomplish. So now your heart is working for your beloved Sweetie <3.
As I stated in my previous articles, when I found my sweetie, I got to cognize that I found my life, the declaration was done with my heart that she is my life partner. But I lost her, I struggled such a long, which is not explained by words in any style, anyways in the end, I found happy moments of life after passing on those many sleepless nights alone, however one fine day my sweetheart called me plus she explained how strong her feelings gone and how much she really needed me in every moment of her life, more than that she loving me lot, even though she loves me she didn’t draw out her beliefs. Do you wanna know why? She bonded to her parents so she never gets a thought of going back on her will, though she never let me out from her memories not even from thoughts. She was in love with me from the beginning. In this hard situation she struggled a lot, likewise myself, I am staying in a long distance where no one can hurt me because I was already hurted deeply, that hurt costs one life to regain its originality in no manner whatever they do. Failed in love, never get thought of loving either, ‘My sweetie occupied in my heart and she is very possessive so she never let anyone come in, even though she is physically not with me’, she never left me since the day she enters my heart.

We constituted a promise to keep our hands till the end, value the love, doesn’t beg for it, just made it, scatter it, But never end ever betray your loved one in whatever the situation it may be. This is not a story to recite you in an article or over a glance, this is ‘My Life’.., Love the life, so you can love your partner as well. Love, Peace, tranquility.

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