Yes! You’re Lucky…<3

        Yes sweetie what you said is absolutely right!, there is nothing called ‘Fading’ in Love. As we talked for hours and hours in a day, we came to know little fights, crying’s and arguments over silly things won’t let a true relation to vain. ‘Cos they just pass a hope about tomorrow and it will make you both feel better in coming days or even the next second of that battle (because a biggest misunderstand will give you a fuller apprehension of that situation and about your loved one)..,This is a best way to keep a relation in a right path.
What do you say, my dear?
She replied!! : Yes Kuttu… ❤

       As we had a deep and long conversation about Positivity or so called Positive Energy gives best results in life and moreover Love, but we captured a big obstacle in finding solutions to the Law of attraction in all terms and I will tell you where we stopped ourselves. The times when we were speaking about positive energy, (barely I don’t know tons about this positivity in any case though I’m memorizing it from my spouse) and coming to the point, does this actually exist? If so, then how to set out a fair vision of doing things in the best way by taking a simple theory! Here we go again folks.

When you are hemmed in by a huge set of negative minds, and so there will be no way that you could do it. So always have a positive feel regarding an aspect whether you are doing it correctly or not. Simply make sure that your brain should contain all positive ideas and so that positiveness gives you positive energy to your life and that will let positive vibrations in and close to the body. All in all you may get a doubt ‘ By just having a positive feel about everything will give us a better solution?’ Absolutely No, that aura of positivity makes every minute thing around you like an oxygen particle in the air. So that you can inherit them all at once. Never question yourself about your doings, coz life won’t be a questionery and actually it is a path to find answers to your existence because life itself is a very big question?

       But the fact is, if we’ve a nest positive hope about something which endures for life in all of your livelihood and it went awry from the expectations whichever you had about it. And then I would say ‘a situation where you think that it is your spirit and suddenly it is faded’ then where this positiveness gone? Will you make yourself control after putting such a huge positive feeling and in the end it is simply passed without leaving anything to you. I know that you can’t live so having a great amount of positive hopes about a thing which let you to feel like you gonna die by listening to it. I am not speaking against to the Optimism and those who were following it. This is just a doubt of mine and my mate is already analyzing it to consecrate me a more serious solution from all the corners.

       Apart from this we should hold our hands tightly like without giving little space to any of the misleading/ misunderstandings or any. Because you are damn lucky to have a partner who is always there to give you hope about the future and strength to the present. And just feel proud to have a Soul-mate, because he/ she picked your hand to win millions may be trillions of people around you.., So always be happy that what you have before it leads to what you had!
Love, Peace and Tranquility…


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