A New Starting

Life is all about giving and taking, may be so called sharing I can articulate this way, what? Await a second…, Oops! Leave I don’t have much to talk anyway, because mine was a bit difficult to verbalize and even harder to explore and to survive. So let me speak that how it was this year.

Last December I was in hell, though it was a kind of place everybody would probably enjoy. Yeah, finally the last day of that year I was having #Sake with one of the coolest #Nakama by sitting along the crest of the world in freezing cold. I never forget those moments, the day went from having a #Cocktail and many things happened behind the scenes and gone mad for certain time. Finally, I heated up in the forenoon and it was the first day of #NewYear and got a yell on my telephone and I attempted but no reply from the other side. Again a call and now a sound came “Hello, Did you remember me?” A voice which is moving like a bullet came out of a gun, started pinching my heart and from that point my life got changed.

This year passed me many things which I cherished to give birth and as I heard from many “Nothing will come as easy as your birth”. Then I got big responsibilities to take over, more than that life taught me how to live alone, even if I’m holding the hands of somebody. Only after all life was merely a portion of your own conscience and it was more dependent on your caretaker. Hence for me, I got the one, she’ll let everything go vain with her Love <3…, though she was the one who created messy. My life went like this for years and years, but wait, where this year and years came into the picture :-P.

Finally, at the end of every day I left with a feeling and usually it doesn’t let me sleep. Can you guess what that was? “Why I am here and what’s wrong with me? Why only me to struggle like this! And how many times do I need to get hurt?” Before to this “I need to thank those people who gave such a hard experience all the way and especially to those who made me to leave one of my bests, Yeah, you only gave me such a good lesson to not to trust anyone ‘because I trusted you like an idiot. But more love to the one who stood with me all the way. Love will never happen in between the ones who is chasing like horses in a race ‘because horses run for winning in a same row mean time they may start out tired and slow down and that time you may turn over them but it doesn’t mean like you won them at all. If both the bucks were heading for the hills to bring to close each other so, the heart becomes stronger and wiser. This might be a bit ho-hum indeed it mean a lot.

But it still doesn’t answer my things and I nevertheless left with them and struggling like a day dreamer.

Why do people have to live this way?  What’s the point of all of it?  Millions of people in this universe, all of them craving connection, and looking for specific experiences and people to gratify them, yet inadvertently isolating themselves in the process.  Why?  The planet was put here only to nourish our loneliness? The more I’ve experienced and searched my own notions of uncertainty and loneliness, the more I’ve realized how necessary these feelings are.  It’s good for us to spend time exploring unknowns, alone.  It gives us an opportunity to discover who we really are and what life is all about.

But #MyLife will never end until and unless I reach what I want to become and nothing gonna stop me to hold your hand my beloved #SakuraChan, Love, Peace and Tranquility..✌

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