A piece of Paper

I fared to the ground with a broken Heart, living like a shattered night with no light of hope…

Still, not changed from the bottom and nothing got changed by the means of words, enduring in the past as like every time you make out! I’ve heard from the ancestors that if we were looking for peace for the mind, then you cannot find in the way that how desperately you really looking. But in my personal experience, life is like a white sheet which is pretty much white, Can you tear it by your own hands? Yeah! I know you can’t do that because after all it is your own life! And can you draw some random lines on it? Yeah! I can understand no one will do that because after all it’s yours, but tell me one thing, somebody can edit it or tear your life in such a way that however they like right? If you stand on this point we can bring this to another stratum!

Are you ready?

Here we go…, finally, you will agree with the statement ‘You can’t change or modify your life, but someone will change it or even kill it if they don’t like’, I had a doubt that how come we gave a huge responsibility to someone just like that? May be friendship did that? Or Love did? Or some unnatural power did? Nobody has a specific answer to that. Let it be there for some time, in the meantime I want to ask you one very small query! Ready?

If we gave someone to care our life! Will they really care?

I can say, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they won’t do.

We think they do care for our life, because that is just our vague perception which never get hold of zero feelings and zero emotions. Life is like a bowl so try filling with the food that you can eat, but never let anyone to throw into your bowl what they don’t like to have with them. Never raise your hopes, raise your ideals and morals, so that makes you stronger, wiser and better living being.

An Uchiha’s life starts from making and feeling the things which makes imaginary into reality. Love, Peace and Tranquility.



2 thoughts on “A piece of Paper

  1. You made it clear and perfect for the dark side of a man’s thoughts!. I would suggest you to look for inner peace than outer world exposure on you.

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