A Lie that has no meaning

A Man must follow the path of his own determination, trust me people who has no intentions to make the world a better place for people to live is no longer treated as a man.

The day you feel that you need no one but yourself to see the world as a stage that you gonna live all your life to the last sip, that very day you became matured enough
to live like an #Uchiha. I completely fell in love with #Madara, #Che #Oda, #MeawToo and #Ayan for the intensity levels of their thought process. You understood.
Just a small sentence from the deck of #Oda has revealed that, No one can change the world but the ones who say that they gonna change it.
In the similar way #Sasuke has a different idealogy and thought process which ultimately refers to the inspiration he got from the #Celestials…

A certain someone or the real one has to take up the big things and make a better plan with so many failure attempts and finally make it happen, meanwhile do never forget what #Mashashi told you..
Until you become Hokage, No matter what happens. Don’t die… So trust me just take a long breath and say it’s simple with your clever mind make a complex design that you can achive without one’s help.
Until recent years I felt so attached to the people I love most and I personally feel a little convestation about the understanding process.

#Sasuke, When someone’s telling you about their life, think that they are writing their life in your book, so never let any other eye catch it. Feel that it is safe in your locker.

But this silly bud #Sasuke is a very very close in terms of expressing and he has a reason for it. But certain day he felt he must open up himself to see his betterness by seeing the loved eyes and it gives him trust.

His words flown like a unparllel river with no scope of crossing a bridge, then he realised his fate is far worse than he thinks and in the end it makes him go mad with his intellect,
and persona. Finally he changed the way he thinks and stopped speaking with himself so others.

Be a change that makes a little self to brighten up your inner. I’m tired of listening to the lies that people tell me “I Love You?”. Will it really change your life in any ways..!

Chill never think too much and never allow anyone to hold your hand and say that they gonna be with you in changing this world. Do it alone and turn back to say “You’re alone when you started and so now”.

I am only one man with one heart…Call me a demon, call me a monster…but I can’t be the strongest forever..You might be alone at the moment, But someday. You’ll definitely find nakama! No one is born in this world to be alone!

Trust me #MagicMushroom, you’re making me mad…✌


#Love, Peace and Tranquility…